Real estate in Spain
C/El Montículo 8, 29631, Benalmádena, Spain
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C/El Montículo 8, 29631, Benalmádena, Spain

Real estate in Spain

Properties for sale in Spain at developer prices - without commission
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Residential complexes, apartments, houses and villas in Spain

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We understand the importance of security and confidence when buying real estate. That's why each of our clients receives:

Objects only from reliable developers
Full legal support of the transaction
Checking the legal cleanliness of the real estate object

These steps are important to ensure your peace of mind and the safety of your investment. We will give you a choice of several independent law firms who have many years of experience in the Spanish market and know the ins and outs of the transaction. Their services will be at no cost to you so that you can focus on choosing the perfect property.

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What will you get from working with us and why is it beneficial?

Only proven and reliable developers
No overpayments or hidden fees
We know the entire market and stocks
Find out about current discounts or prepare a customized offer for you
Let's make a selection of options
for your request on the day of your request Match
Online display of objects
We will also handle the entire transaction remotely
We'll provide a lawyer
For answers to your questions and to accompany the transaction
We're friends with real estate developers
Only we have closed and secret offers from real estate developers
Offer options for investment
and we'll help you sell the facility profitably on exit.
We will recommend options with favorable conditions
installments, early sales, discounted options

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Online consultation
Get the perfect options for you. Only from trusted developers, as well as with properly executed documents. In these complexes, you can be 100% sure of the quality and delivery time
Individual selection of objects
If you are considering housing for relocation or permanent living, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of a free* study tour (please check with our specialists for more details). If you are considering investing , an online display is sufficient, where we will provide investment calculations for the recommended properties
Meeting on the island or online screening
All legal support is free of charge for you. In our team is a professional lawyer who lives and fully specializes only in Spanish real estate.
Signing an official contract with the developer
We will help you buy and furnish the entire apartment, rent and maintain your property, and also resell it without any problems if you are considering it for investment
Real estate acceptance and key collection
We also provide after-sales service

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About us

World Estate is a company that specializes in the sale of real estate abroad. We offer a wide range of properties such as apartments, houses, villas, apartments, land plots and commercial properties in various countries around the world.

We have extensive experience in this area and have a professional team that will help you choose the most suitable property.

Buy real estate in Spain

World Estate Homes offers you a unique opportunity to buy real estate in Spain, one of the most attractive and sunny corners of Europe. We provide a full range of services, from selection and purchase to management of your property, so that every step was as convenient and profitable for you as possible. Spain is a country with a rich history, magnificent beaches and developed infrastructure.

Real estate catalog in Spain with prices and layouts

Our catalog of properties in Spain ranges from stylish and modern apartments in prestigious residential complexes to luxury villas with private pools and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Prices range from €100,000 for cozy apartments to €5,000,000 for exclusive villas with spacious grounds and first-class amenities.

Each offer is accompanied by detailed layouts and up-to-date prices, allowing you to choose a property that fully meets your needs and budget. Our specialists are always ready to provide you with detailed information and help you with your choice.

Real estate in Spain for investment with 0% installments

Investing in real estate in Spain is a reliable way to increase capital and receive a stable income. We offer unique terms of purchase with installments 0%, which makes investments even more affordable and profitable. Spain attracts investors with a stable economy, high demand for real estate and a favorable tax regime. The average rental yield on real estate in Spain is 5-8% per annum, which makes this market very attractive to investors.

Our experts will help you select investment properties that will maximize your returns and long-term growth in value. We will provide complete data and forecasts to help you make informed decisions.

Real estate in Spain for relocation, residence permit or temporary vacation

Moving to Spain or buying a property for a temporary vacation is an ideal solution for those who appreciate comfort and a high standard of living. In Spain, you will find modern living conditions, quality medical and educational facilities, as well as many entertainment and cultural events.

We offer a variety of relocation properties ranging from cozy and stylish apartments to luxury villas. Prices for relocation properties start from €100,000 for modern apartments and go up to €5,000,000 for exclusive villas with private beaches and modern amenities.

Buying real estate in Spain to rent out

Buying real estate in Spain for rent is a great way to get a stable passive income. The high demand for rental properties among tourists and expats ensures stable occupancy and high income.

For example, renting apartments in popular resort areas of Spain can bring an income of €10,000 - €40,000 per year, and renting exclusive villas with private beaches can reach €50,000 - €200,000 per year. We will help you to choose the most attractive properties for rent and ensure their professional management so that you can maximize your profits.

With World Estate Homes, buying a property in Spain becomes an easy and rewarding process. Contact us today and we will help you make the right choice and take full advantage of this unique real estate market.


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