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Complete guide to Lapta in Cyprus: what to see, where to relax and buy a property

Home page » News » Complete guide to Lapta in Cyprus: what to see, where to relax and buy a property
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Date:  06.08.2023
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Lapta is located on the north side of Cyprus, in the charming area of Kyrenia. The city is comfortably located on the Mediterranean coast and is adjacent to modern beautiful places such as Kambil, Alsancak and Karaoglanoglu.

Lapta attracts tourists with its picturesque beaches and the opportunity to visit religious and cultural islands. Well-developed road network beyond easy travel to other parts of Cyprus.

A special place among the attractions of Lapta is occupied by its marina, located in a place with magnificent views of the sea horizon. Here you can take a walk enjoying the sea breeze, or go on a yacht trip to the sea.

An equally interesting place in Lapta is the "Folk Art Center", where visitors can learn more about the history of production and handicrafts, take photos with exhibits and buy exclusive handmade products.

Lapta is located in a picturesque location on the northern coast of Cyprus, surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear sea. The city is close to the famous national Park, which serves as a refuge for beautiful species of flora and fauna. In the park, you can get an unforgettable vacation in nature, go hiking or just enjoy the amazing places.

Lapta is also famous for its cozy cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast with Cypriot cuisine. Many of them have magnificent views of the sea and the surrounding area.

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Overall, Lapta is a great choice for those who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing life in Cyprus, want to explore the thickets and picturesque scenery, as well as enjoy the beaches and the sea. Due to its convenient location, Lapta is also an ideal starting point for exploring the island, providing easy access to other resort towns and attractions in Cyprus.

In addition, you can find traces of a rich historical heritage and architecture in Lapta. The city has many old buildings and monuments, including churches built in the Middle Century. This is happening in Cyprus.

Lapta in Northern Cyprus is also notable for its favorable climate, which is typical for most of the islands. Summers are hot and sunny, while winters are mild with relatively warm nights. This makes Lapta an attractive destination for those who want to escape the cold winters and take advantage of the warmth of the Mediterranean region.

The infrastructure of Lapta is diverse and well thought out, comfortable conditions for all visitors. In the city you can find everything you need: from shops, cafes to pharmacies and businesses. For children's entertainment, there are playgrounds, and for tourists-car rental and organization of excursions.

Overall, Lapta is an ideal destination for those who appreciate crystal-clear beaches, scenic landscapes, and want to explore the local culture and history while avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city. This city combines tranquility and comfort, providing many amenities for a comfortable stay.

1. Lapta on the map

Lapta is located on the northwest coast of Cyprus, near the town of Kyrenia. This charming city by the sea neighbors great places such as . Alsancak and Bellapais. Lapta is a small town with a population of about 7 people, but during the summer season the number of inhabitants can increase significantly due to the arrival of tourists looking for beauty and tranquility in this wonderful corner of Cyprus.

On the west coast of Lapta there is a hidden secluded beach, which has become a real refuge for lovers of peace and solitude. Here you can get lost in thought, enjoying the unsurpassed beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and mountains.

In addition, Lapta has a marina that can serve as a starting point for sea excursions. Here you can rent a yacht or boat and get to unforgettable tourists.

Lapta is also famous for its cozy cafes and restaurants, many of which are located right on the beach, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the exciting sea and mountain range. Visitors can sample local wine, Cypriot dishes and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Lapta also offers many opportunities for nature lovers. The area is close to various parks and trails, ideal for hiking and cycling, where you can find unique natural landscapes.

Thus, Lapta is a very attractive holiday destination, thanks to its convenient location on the coast, focused on areas of other cities and Cypriot attractions, as well as beautiful places to relax, marina and amazing nature. This place can offer a secluded and picturesque holiday in Northern Cyprus.

2. Lapta attractions

Lapta is its own picturesque town in Northern Cyprus, which, despite its modest size, is proud of its historical monuments, attracting tourists from all over the world.

One of the outstanding monuments in Lapta is the Church of St. Theodore – it is not just an architectural monument, it is a symbol of faith, History and culture, the personification of the spirit of Northern Cyprus. Built in the traditional Cypriot style, it embodies all that makes this island so incomparable and picturesque.

One of the most impressive places in Lapta is without a doubt the Akhiropitos Monastery, set in the picturesque mountains of Cyprus, a true symbol of the island's spirituality and historical heritage. Its name hides a secret, like a time stamp, which means "Not man-made". This name is in tune with the mysterious and massive character of the place, the walls of which breathe the ancient past.

In Lapta, you should also visit the mysterious mountains, such magnets attract cyclists from different parts of the world. Among the green slopes and cool streams, there are trails, each of which promises a must-have adventure. Sudden coppices of heights, lush forests, emerald pastures and picturesque forests of pure magic fertility for two-wheeled sports enthusiasts.

Among the green olive groves and Mediterranean gardens are hidden architectural gems in the form of ancient churches and monasteries, each of which has its own history. Local restaurants and cafes treat you to a festive Cyprus trip, and the friendliness is there for visitors taking this tourist trip.

In the evenings, you can walk along the embankment, enjoying the sunset and listening to the sound of the sea waves. Many people come here to increase the peace and tranquility that is so appreciated in Lapta.

For lovers of active recreation and nature, Lapta offers many trails for hiking and cycling, as well as the possibility of organizing excursions to the mountains.

Overall, Lapta is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Cyprus and discover its rich culture. With its restaurants, shops and natural attractions, Lapta is one of the most memorable places on the island.

3. Lapta Beaches

Lapta is located on the Mediterranean coast and is famous for its beautiful beaches that attract tourists from all over the world.

One of the most popular beaches in Lapta — "Sardunya Bay" - is a picturesque corner where the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea merges with the beautiful landscape. A mesmerizing beach with natural sand and swaying palm trees creates the perfect place for relaxation and relaxation.

Another wonderful beach in Lapta — Sunset Beach soft golden sand, clear warm waters and comfortable sun beds come from a real relaxation. Here you can engage in water sports or just enjoy the beauty of watching the coast play on the surface of the sea during sunset.

In addition, you can find a number of other beaches in Lapta, each of which has its own individual beauty. For example, golden beach is a spacious beach with purified golden sand, stretching about four kilometers of the coast. For convenience, almost on the water itself stretches a boardwalk. The sea is clear with a very gentle entrance and light waves. In the warm season, the water and air temperature is 23-24 degrees.

In general, Lapta is a paradise for a beach holiday, a collection of all tastes and interests. Whether it's active water sports or relaxing in the middle of nature, Lapta promises an unforgettable experience on the coast of Cyprus.

4. Lapta real estate-rent and purchase

Lapta is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the island of Cyprus, so there are many different properties for sale and rent.

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If you want to purchase real estate in LaptaYou can choose from a wide range of properties including apartments, villas, townhouses, etc. Property prices in Lapta vary depending on the type and location of the property, but in general they are relatively low compared to other resorts on the island.

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Apartments in Lapta are often located in newer developments apartment complexesThe apartments are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay such as swimming pool, garden, parking, etc. Apartments can have from one to several bedrooms and a total area of 50 to 150 square meters. The price of apartments in Lapta starts from 50,000 euros for a studio apartment.

Villas in Lapta they offer a large area and comfortable accommodation in a private house. Villas are usually located on large plots of land equipped with a swimming pool and garden, and have a total area of 150 to 500 square meters. Prices for villas in Lapta start from 150,000 euros.

In addition, there are many townhouses in Lapta, which are a combination of an apartment and a villa. Townhouses have a total area of 80 to 200 square meters and can have from two to four bedrooms. The price of townhouses in Lapta starts from 80,000 euros.

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In addition, if you are interested in renting real estate in Lapta, then there are many properties that can be rented for short or long term. Rent an apartment in Lapta will cost you from 300 euros per month, depending on the size, location and condition of the apartment. Rent a villa in Lapta can cost from 1000 euros per month.

Despite the fact that Lapta is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the island, the real estate market in the town remains stable and offers attractive opportunities for investors. Many foreign buyers purchase property in Lapta as a second home for vacation or for investment purposes. In recent years there has also been an increased interest in properties on the north coast of Cypruswhich is near Lapta.

Overall, Lapta is an attractive place to buy or rent real estate in Cyprus. With a variety of properties and affordable prices, Lapta can offer housing for all needs and budgets.

5. Lapta Northern Cyprus reviews of tourists and residents

Lapta is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Cyprus, and is often visited by tourists from all over the world. Many of them highly appreciate this picturesque city, its beaches, attractions and amenities, leaving rave reviews after their visit.

One of the tourists described her vacation in Lapta: "It was an unforgettable trip! The beaches here are simply amazing. The city is often well-groomed and clean, and the sea has such a variety of cozy cafes. Without a doubt, I plan to come back here again!"

Another tourist who visited Lapta expressed interest: "I was fascinated by this city for its unique beauty. If you are looking for a relaxing and cozy vacation, then Lapta is your ideal choice."

Many local residents of Lapta also speak of their city with great respect. One of them said: "I've been living in Lapta for many years, and I can't imagine a better place to live."

Another local resident of Lapta added: "I work in a local establishment, and I can say with confidence that Lapta is a great place. I am proud to live and work here."

Thus, Lapta receives a lot of positive feedback from tourists and residents. Great views of the beauty and cleanliness of the city, as well as great beaches and leisure facilities. Some also highlight the picturesque and mountainous landscapes of Lapta, as well as a comfortable stay.

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Despite the fact that all people are different and opinions may differ, in general, Lapta receives a lot of positive reviews and is considered one of the most attractive places to relax and live on the island of Cyprus. If you are planning to visit Lapta, then don't forget to read other people's reviews and choose the places that best suit your needs and preferences.

6. Weather in Lapta

Lapta, a picturesque town on north coast of Cyprus with a Mediterranean climate. Summer in Lapta is hot and sunny, autumn takes with moderate coolness, winter is mild and warm, and in spring the freshness and awakening of nature is placed in the sunshine.

From June to September, there are hot days in Lapta, when the thermometer can rise to a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius. However, the sea breeze brings relief, the impact of the temperature is more bearable. The sea at this time of year pleases with its 26-27 degrees, which is ideal for swimming and relaxing on the beach.

The autumn period in Lapta starts during the month until December. At this time of year, the temperature range on the panel is 20-25 degrees. With the arrival of autumn, the warmth disappears, giving paths to the comfort of the day that are perfect for exploring the city's complement.

Winter in Lapta, which runs from December to February, is mild and moderate. Daytime temperatures range between 12-18 degrees Celsius, while nights can be cooler, dropping to 8-10 degrees. Winter months in Lapta often bring rain, but they are usually short, do not interfere with observing nature.

Spring in Lapta begins in March and lasts until April, maintaining cooling with temperatures from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. This time of year is filled with the awakening of nature: bright flowers bloom everywhere, giving joy to the eyes. Approaching summer, the temperature may rise and develop.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that there are very strong winds in Bast shoes, especially in spring and autumn. This can lead to changes in temperature and weather conditions, so it is recommended to take into account the weather forecast when planning your trip and take appropriate clothing.

Thus, Lapta in Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers, warm and pleasant autumns, mild winters and cool springs. Regardless of the time of year, Lapta always offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, beach holidays, walking and outdoor sports.

7. Infrastructure in Lapta

Lapta has a well-developed infrastructure and has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay and rest. The city has many restaurants, bars, shops, shopping centers, banks, pharmacies and medical institutions. 

Below you will find more detailed information about some aspects of the Lapta infrastructure:

  1. Transportation: There is a bus station in Lapta that is accessible to the nearest cities and towns in Cyprus. The city also offers taxi, car and scooter rental services, which records trips around Lapta and its surroundings. Fans of independent movement come here with all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay.
  2. Education: Lapta also covers numerous educational institutions, including private schools, as well as kindergartens and colleges. The quality of education in the city is recognized as high and meets European requirements, providing students with all the necessary resources for growth and development.
  • Municipal School "Lapta Yavuzlar Lisesi", 85RP+8PW Lapta 99440.
  • Municipal school "Lapta Ilkokulu", YAVUZ SELIM SK. No. 28, Lapta.
  • Municipal School "Agios Theodoros Church", Lakonon Street, Lapta.

3. Healthcare: There are several pharmacies in Lapta that provide medical care. The city also has an ambulance service.

  • Ayşen Altan pharmacy, Marshal, Fevzi Cakmak Cd, Lapta.
  • Pharmacy "Zehra Kelebek", Marshal Fevzi Cakmak Kaddezi Demirege sq. No: 169A.

4. Sports facilities: Lapta has many sports facilities, such as soccer fields, gyms, swimming pools, gyms, and more. In addition, the city has several sports clubs and teams.

  • Lapta Stadyumu Stadium, Lapta 99440.
  • Lapta Belediyesi Tekin Adalı Spor Tesisi Sports Complex, Lapta 99440.
  • Ekimov's Football Field, Lapta 99440.

5. Tourist amenities: Lapta has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, including many hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafes, shops and shopping centers, as well as many entertainment events and attractions.


  • Hilltop Restaurant Meyhane, Turgut Reis str., Lapta 9999.
  • Cafe "Sardunya Bay", 945Q+V6J Sardinia Bay, Lapta 99440.
  • Бар «The Legend Of Troy», Sehit Celal Hasan Cd, Lapta 99440.

Shopping centers:

  • Торговый центр «Kıbrıs Shops Edremit», 86VX+3G8 Kıbrıs Shops Edremit, Karaoğlanoğlu Caddesi, Alsancak 99320.
  • Shopping center "Starling Supermarket", Alsancak 99350.

These are just some examples of institutions and their addresses in Lapta, Cyprus. There are many other institutions in the city that can be useful for tourists and residents, depending on their needs.

In general, Lapte in Cyprus is a city with a developed infrastructure, which has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable life

Conclusion and conclusions

Lapte in Cyprus is an amazing place to relax and live, with beautiful beaches, lots of entertainment and activities, well-developed infrastructure and tourist transport links. Despite some cases, such as possible crowds of tourists during the season, relatively high prices in some restaurants and cafes, and congestion in popular regions of cities, Lapta continues to attract and fascinate both tourists and locals.

Lapta is for those who crave watching the picturesque beaches and refreshing sea breezes, as well as for active travelers looking for various entertainment and activities. This city provides a simple transportation scheme and huge medical services. In addition, Lapta is suitable for those who want to settle in a quiet, safe and hospitable place with a pleasant climate.

In general, Lapta is a wonderful place for recreation and permanent residence, combining the exceptional beauty of nature, modern convenience and comfort, suitable for different types of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lapta is located on the northern side of Cyprus, in the Kyrenia region.

  • Lapta has picturesque beaches, a marina with magnificent views, a "Folk Art Center" and much more.

  • Yes, there is an opportunity to purchase real estate in Lapta.

  • Lapta has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.

  • In Lapta, you can go hiking and cycling, as well as rent a yacht for sea excursions.

Where is Lapta located in Cyprus?

  • Lapta is located on the northern side of Cyprus, in the Kyrenia region.

What interesting things can you see in Bast shoes?

  • Lapta has picturesque beaches, a marina with magnificent views, a "Folk Art Center" and much more.

Is it possible to buy a property in Lapta?

  • Yes, there is an opportunity to purchase real estate in Lapta.

What is the climate like in Lapta?

  • Lapta has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.

What types of outdoor activities are available in Lapta?

  • In Lapta, you can go hiking and cycling, as well as rent a yacht for sea excursions.

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